Darlene Nazaire


Darlene Nazaire

Vice Managing Director and Chairperson

Dee Nazaire is an author, talk show host, certified life coach, and mental health advocate who has made community empowerment a life mission.  In addition to serving as Vice Managing Director and Chairperson of The Guap Foundation, where she serves to develop and implement strategic plans and company policies, maintain an open dialogue with stakeholders, and drive organizational success, she is the founder of two not for profits: Sisters in Spirit, which provides information and inspiration to help women infuse harmony into their everyday living; and The Young Tiger Foundation that addresses the tragedy of suicide in young black males and the trauma experienced by the surviving family and friends.  Dee works to highlight the fact that addressing one’s mental health is just as important as maintaining physical health.  Her first publication, Leaping Over the Hurdles of Life, a Tiger’s Journey is a biography of her son’s life.  Her second book, Balance is a Juggling Act, How to Start a Mental Revolution, will be published in Spring 2021.

She holds a BS in Business Administration from St. Pauls College, an MS in Project Management from Boston University, and has been a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) for over 20 years.

Her motto: “Information transformed to knowledge is power … We can survive anything if we have the information that allows us to make higher choices, along with a village of support.”