Guap Foundation Honors: Fannie Lou Hamer



The Guap Foundation places the contributions of significant Black women thinkers and activists at the center of our Guap Honors campaign, to recognize trailblazers whose paths and wisdom we continue to follow in these contemporary times. The month of February and March are set aside to honor Black history and women’s history, however we recognize the attention that is needed to lift up and highlight the contributions of Black Americans, especially Black Women is a 365 and 24-7 endeavor. 

This echoes the power of the buy Black movement, that reminder that Black people need to stand up and recognize their power. Fannie Lou Hamer- famously known for her quote, “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired,” fought against white supremacy and white terrorism by organizing thousands of Black Americans to exercise their right to vote. In June of 1964 Hamer organized the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project with major civil rights organizations operating to set up Freedom Schools and Freedom Houses to aid the Black population in overcoming barriers to voter registration. Hamer’s power was felt when she led the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party delegation and put pressure on the administration to honor equal representation. Dr. Keisha N. Blain’s biography of Fannie Lou Hamer Until I’m Free will be released for sale on October 5, 2021.