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Advancing community economics and building a strong foundation for long-term economic wealth …


Serve as cryptocurrency champions within our community, economically empowering businesses and individuals, and improving quality of life while inspiring generational change …


Cryptocurrency education & tools. Financial literacy & empowerment. Cooperative economics

About The Guap Foundation

The Guap Foundation is a not-for-profit organization with the collective mission of advancing Guapcoin for community economics and building a strong foundation for long-term economic wealth with a focus on underserved Black and Brown communities. Our goal is to remove economic obstacles preventing us from taking full advantage of the technical, blockchain, and FinTech innovations that allow for financial sovereignty.

Guapcoin is cryptocurrency created to amplify the economic voice of the Black and Brown Community through block-chain technology and financial education.

Our primary mission is to provide a sound and revolutionary economic base for the underserved, underestimated, and financially uneducated minority community. We have adopted the term “Buy Black” to reflect the socio-political movement most pertinent to our community. But the underserved population encompasses a wide array of cultures, shades, languages, and ethnic groups around the globe. With Guapcoin, we unite and empower all corners of the underestimated population with a currency focused on building generational wealth. Our secondary mission is to educate our community on how to use cryptocurrency and its application in our new economy.

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guap-foundation-education-kidsOur Strategy:
• Encourage and facilitate learning that creates a paradigm shift of what constitutes
money/currency and how it is governed and used
• Swap and trade GUAP currency for services and products
• Identification and marketing of member businesses
• Increase the lifespan of currency in black and brown communities and demonstrate
via data collection,
• Empower artists with the tools to distribute their music as well as build and
monetize a fan base (GaupX)
• Financial literacy
• Encourage entrepreneurship, providing financial support

Guap Foundation Members

The Guap Foundation is comprised of highly educated and skilled professionals from all areas of technology, marketing, and finance.

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