The 1st Annual Guap Honors


This inaugural year’s nominees are a mix of pioneers and accomplished cryptocurrency experts in the areas of:  Education, Advocacy and Technology, and the Guap community’s Ambassador of the Year.  Not only is the Guap Foundation’s goal to recognize brilliance and initiative, it is also to balance the disparate view of what leadership looks like in the cryptocurrency space.  One way to do this is by recognizing our own.

About the Honors:

Each nominee offers creative solutions for embedding cryptocurrency financial literacy into our culture as a way of life.  There were so many considerations for cultural advocates, that our nominee list barely does justice to the many who have made contributions;  so we had to make this an annual event.  Today it is virtual; and in the future, we plan to turn this celebration of ourselves into a gala.

Each honor is named after an innovative black woman, a pioneer in her right, who passionately championed the elevation of our culture.  In the spirit of these fierce women, here is the list of 2021 Guap Honors nominees:

The Anna Julia Cooper Honor for Education (2 honors)

Justin Rhedrick, founder Bitcoin Vegan

Tonya Evans, founder and Director of the Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Law Online Profession Certificate Program at the UNH Franklin Pierce School of Law

Isaiah Jackson, author Bitcoin and Black America

Cheree Warrick, pioneer founder Leo Blockchain LLC and Black Blockchain Consultants

The Amy Jacques Garvey Honor for Advocacy (2 honors)

Lamar Wilson, pioneer, founder Black Bitcoin Billionaires and the Operation: Satoshi Millionaire initiative

Monica Sekhmet Grant, founder Young Boss Media

Najah Roberts, founder Crypto Blockchain Plug

Cleve Mesidor, pioneer, author of “The Clevolution”, founder National Policy Network of Women of Color in Blockchain

The Octavia Butler Honor for Technology

Fred Lee Brandon III, founder Brand New Technologies, author of “Adopting Blockchain and Cryptocurrency: Embracing a Digital Future”

The Tavonia Evans Award for Guap Ambassador of the Year

Jerome Johnson, Guap Foundation Governor

Honorable Mention for advancing the culture

Julian Mitchell and Brandon E. Campbell, founders IQ Labs, Inc.

The announcement of Honorees will be made on February 28, 2021.  If you would like to know more, please email  us. You can check the Guapcoin FB page and The Guap Foundation site for updates, as we continue this honoring into Woman’s History Month.