Welcome To The Guap Foundation Inc., Non-Profit Organization

Community Growth, Development & Education using Blockchain Technology


Advancing community economics and building a strong foundation for long-term economic wealth …


Serve as cryptocurrency champions within our community, economically empowering businesses and individuals, and improving quality of life while inspiring generational change …


Cryptocurrency education & tools. Financial literacy & empowerment. Cooperative economics.

Welcome To The Guap Foundation Website

The Guap Foundation is a nonprofit organization with the collective mission of advancing Guapcoin for community economics and building a strong foundation for long-term economic wealth with a focus on underserved Black and Brown communities.

Our goal is to remove economic obstacles preventing us from taking full advantage of the technical, blockchain, and FinTech innovations that allow for financial sovereignty.


Our Reach

With over 1000+ masternodes, Guap Governors (masternode holders) in more than 7+, and  7000+ engages social media users across Facebook, Youtube, and Telegram, our community’s reach is growing everyday.






Social Media users engaged

Across the United States Guapcoin has Governors (masternode holders), Guap Ambassadors, and engaged users from coast to coast!

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Foundation Timeline

The vision and mission of Guapcoin (and the seeds of the Guap Foundation) began with the launch of the Guapcoin Blockchain network in July 2019.



July, 2019

It all started

The Guapcoin blockchain was launched July 24, 2019

Fall, 2019

Guap Foundation

Active members of the Guapcoin Project Team and Community began informally meeting to push the project forward and plan for the future.



January, 2020

iOS and Android Wallets

Mobile wallets launched for iOS and Android phones making Guapcoin accessible to a wider audience.

April, 2020

Guapcoin Ver 2.0

Version 2 of the Guapcoin network and wallets brought new MacOS and Linux wallets, updated Windows wallets, and new features such as cold staking and new UI.

June, 2020

Probit.com Exchange

Guapcoin added to the Probit.com exchange with a GUAP/BTC trading pair.

June, 2020

Coinpayments Integration

Guapcoin integrated into the Coinpayments.com crypto payment gateway, enabling merchants to easily accept Guapcoin on their websites and through point of sales systems.

Summer, 2020


Guappools.com* is launched to meet the demand for a fully hosted, set-it-and-forget-it masternode service. Enabled masternode shares: users could now earn rewards earned by a masternode without having to purchase a full node. (*Independent 3rd party business)

October, 2020

Guapcoin Ver 2.3

Version 2.3 brought speed and stability increases and more UI tweaks to the desktop wallet.

Fall, 2020

Grow Your Guap

The ultimate shared masternode experience! Grow Your Guap* is a fully hosted shared masternode solution with a built in affiliate reward system. (*Independent 3rd party business)



January, 2021

Guap Foundation Officially Launched

The Guap Foundation, Inc., incorporated as a Georgia not for profit corporation.

February, 2021

2021 Guap Honors

2021 Guap Honors
2021 Guap Honors

Spring, 2021

Guap Foundation Indiegogo.com Crowdfund

Guap Foundation Indiegogo Crowdfund
Guap Foundation Indiegogo Crowdfund

Support merchant business growth and community projects.

Guapcoin leverages blockchain technology to provide education, awareness, financial literacy, and advanced community analytics to merchants and businesses. Our primary mission is to provide a sound and revolutionary economic base for the underserved, underestimated, and financially uneducated minority community. 

Our Services

Providing services to support community economics and blockchain development

The 1st Annual Guap Honors
This inaugural year’s nominees are a mix of pioneers and accomplished cryptocurrency experts in the areas of:  Education, Advocacy and...
Guap Foundation Honors: Fannie Lou Hamer
  The Guap Foundation places the contributions of significant Black women thinkers and activists at the center of our Guap...
Guapcoin GitLab Server complete!
The Guap Dev Gitlab is located at https://devnet.guapacademy.org Public access will become available to select developers looking to improve or...

GUAP Join The Guap Foundation

We strive in advancing Guapcoin for community economics and building a strong foundation for long-term economic wealth with a focus on underserved Black and Brown communities. Join our efforts as a volunteer, donor, or member and get exclusive perks.

What We Did This Year

The Guap foundation became an official non-profit entity in 2021, however, our work began long before that.

3000+ Women Educated and Empowered

Empowering women and minorities to participate in the Guapcoin ecosystem as merchants, ambassadors and community members

Guap Academy and Gitlab Support was Provided to thousands of members and Developers.

Educational Support provided to thousands of Guapcoin members and instructors

Guapcoin Growth over 200 percent!

Over 200 percent growth in user base, community, masternodes, marketcap and more!

Fundraising and Honoring Pioneers in the Blockchain Industry

Fundraising initiatives launched to expand Guapcoin services and reward developers for their hard earned work. Guapcoin Honors awards recognized the top minorities in the industry.

Our Causes

Our most recent causes, efforts and proposals that require funding. Read more to find out how you can support.

Donate to the Guap Foundation
Support our efforts to education and improving businesses and communities connected to Guapcoin. 100 percent of every donation will be focused on our primary missions. You can support the Guap Foundation directly with a donation to the QR Code image and Wallet address below. $GUAP Donation Wallet Address: GeHgftFj5kgsEZDwv1XSrVzeTfRDJUWM68
$51.00 donated
Guap Coin Fund Raising Initiative
The Guap Foundation today announced the launch of a campaign to raise funds to invest in underserved minority communities around the country.
Raised: $105.00
Goal: $150,000.00
Support Developers
Support the Devs directly with a Donation to fund all efforts to improve Guap Coin and the Guap foundation.
Raised: $0.00
Goal: $8,600.00


Community Members


Projects In Progress




Devs and Foundation Members

Foundation Members

The Guap Foundation is comprised of highly educated and skilled professionals from all areas of technology, marketing, and finance.

Upcoming Events

Keep up to date with Guap Foundation  by attending upcoming events, meetings and more.

Latest News

Check out the latest news and developments from across the Guapcoin Network!